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Welcome to the web page of the Turkish Consulate General in Miami.

During my term of office, our main target will be to continue taking noteworthy steps towards fostering even better relations between Turkey and our consular district and to accomplish further goals with the responsibility that I have proudly taken over from my predecessors. I believe each and every citizen is an envoy abroad and at times can represent their nation as good as the institutions that are officially tasked to do so. With this understanding, I highly value your cooperation in conducting our duties. Those who have chosen overseas counties as their homes have better understanding of local customs, sentiments, expectations and the legal framework; thus could be of vital guidance to our work.

I feel proud for being a team member of the Turkish Consulate, which flies the Turkish flag in Miami, a city often described as the portal into the Americas and as a vibrant center in Latin America and the Caribbean. It will be an honor for me to serve our distinguished citizens, our industrialists and businessmen; who are one of the founding pillars of our national strength, our students and academicians; who groom our nation to the future and our artists/performers; who continuously feed our souls.

Our consular district comprise Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina as well as Puerto Rico. We shall continue to aim at enhancing commercial, cultural, scientific and social ties between Turkey and the above mentioned states. We will continue to protect the benefits of our citizens, maintain their ties with Turkey and provide them the consular service as well as protection in line with the contemporary standards. Our Chancery building, which is in service since July 2015, provides us certain advantages with its location as well as its technical capabilities. Needless to say, with your much valuable feedback, we will continue to further develop our service quality. With that in mind, we have recently placed a “remarks and suggestions” box to our reception hall. We shall duly study each and every opinion, with the purpose to realize as many suggestions as possible.

Considering it our initial point of contact, we shall pay every effort to continue keeping our web page up to date and will share information through this medium on every occasion. You may follow our announcements and reach further information on Consular Services as well as to the links leading to web sites related to Turkey.

Our Consulate General will also continue to active broadcasting over social media. We would be happy if you would also follow/like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These platforms prove to be more efficient when it comes to speed of access due to their functional design and wide usage. Bear in mind that such platforms can also serve as tools to convey your requests and criticisms about our services.

Please keep in mind that the Consulate is not just a mere office to receive consular services. It is your closest window that opens into Turkey. We would be glad to also get together on various occasions that would fortify our unity, solidarity as well as the connectivity between our citizens within our consular district. I believe this unity shall give strength not only to the Consulate, but also to you, our citizens abroad. Therefore I repeat my call and extend an invitation also to our citizens who reside in our consular district for limited durations, i.e. for educational or even touristic purposes. The Consulate is ready to support you with all available means.

Last but not least, I would like to say a few words for the foreign guests of our web site. Both our web page and our eager staff at the Consulate are ready to provide you with the information you may seek on our history, culture, natural beauties and business opportunities. With its four seasons, its location at the crossroads of history and civilization, with its brand name “Turkish cuisine”, with its young and dynamic population, and most importantly with the world famous Turkish Hospitality, you may rest assured that Turkey is the right address for you. Not convinced yet? Be our guest for a cup of Turkish Coffee; and we’ll take you there after a few sips, accompanied by the delightful chat.

On that note, I thank you for visiting our web page and extend my heartfelt greetings on behalf of my staff and my own behalf.

Burç Ceylan

Consul General


Burç Ceylan Consul General
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 13:00 / 14:00 - 16:00

In-person Application Hours 9:00 am-12.30 pm
1/18/2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
2/15/2021 Presidents' Day
5/13/2021 Ramazan Bayramı 1. gün
5/31/2021 Memorial Day
7/5/2021 Independence Day
7/20/2021 Kurban Bayramı 1. Gün
9/6/2021 Labor Day
10/11/2021 Columbus Day
10/29/2021 Turkish National Day
11/11/2021 Veterans Day
11/25/2021 Thanksgiving Day
12/24/2021 Christmas
12/31/2021 New Year's Day